For Valentine’s Day, Kerry and I watched Gone Girl. She’d already see the movie during the last Film Club 3.0 Lost Weekend movie festival, but I’d missed it. Of movies that I regrettably don’t catch in the theater, this was one that I was very interested in catching because of the buzz around the film and Trent Reznor’s contributions to the soundtrack.

I loved the movie. Kerry tells me that some people complained that it escalated to “over-the-top” towards the end, which is true, but how it got to its wonderful, bitter ending would not have been possible without the route that the movie took.

Delicately, I’m trying not to give away any of the movie. Misdirection is the real charm of the movie. It does a very good job of jerking around the audience with who the protagonist or antagonist of the movie is. Why I specifically wanted to remark on this (again, without giving anything away) the misdirection starts with the trailer of the movie. Ordinarily, I try to avoid movie trailers. My preference is to go into a movie blindly. Under the Skin and The Duke of Burgundy were great examples of this where I really had no clue what the movies were about. However, Gone Girl, I saw the trailer, saw the one very brief shot that “gave away the story”, and then when I watched the movie I realized that the execution of this story began by a misdirection for which I hadn’t even been watching.