ProPublica’s recent piece about Werner Koch (seemingly the sole contributor to the most popular (relatively) and usable email encryption software going broke has been updated to include that is no longer the case. The state of email encryption is terrible. The software that Werner Koch makes (Gnu Privacy Guard) is not user friendly. Email is the best non-centralized way of communicating on the Internet, and it’s one of the least secure. Ladar Levison effort to create a more secure email service was a good start until he ran afoul of the US government by having Edward Snowden as one of his customers (as was I at the time the service was shuttered suddenly), but still, end-to-end encryption is something that must be added to email for it to continue, and for that to be something that is common, it must be user-friendly. I hope that Koch gets as much money as he can find coming his way to shoehorn privacy into this old system.