Having a two party system of government is not a beneficial thing to our country. Because if it, I vote third party for the president every year instead of blindly voting a straight party ticket or doing the “lesser of two evils” thing. My vote for, usually, the Libertarian candidate is actually a vote for something other than Republican versus Democrat. This next presidential election had been shaping up to be the first that I’d break with that trend. During my younger times going to D.C. to march in the Right to Life Rally, someone who added a voice of moderation, compromise, understanding, and even compassion came from the enemy’s camp- Hillary Clinton. The very right wing media that I poured into my ears would occasionally cite something that Mrs. Clinton had said to a pro-choice audience that had incensed her listeners by being moderate. In a culture that pairs up disagreement with total hatred, her words were certainly thought provoking. Political polarity has not served this country well.

However, recently the news broke that while she served as Secretary of State used private email (of interesting note: housed on a server in her home) exclusively to conduct state business, which can be a serious national security issue. This is something that I find to be absurdly strange as to how this was allowed to happen for so long. Obama’s presidency has been better in the technology arena than prior presidencies, but this cannot be something that’s just an accident.

Conversely, Senator Lindsey Graham (a possible Republican presidential candidate) has now been quoted as saying that he has never used email. It’s 2015. If that guy gets on the ticket, no way, no how, will I vote for someone who claims that he or she has never used email.

I’d vote for a climate change denier before I’d vote for someone who can’t possibly understand how technology works in 2015.