Word on the street is that moot is leaving 4chan. Rolling Stone gives an interview with Christopher Poole about leaving the image board that he had started in late 2003. The Rolling Stone article gives a better, detailed run down than I can of some of the important and influential things that have come out of the site that its own users have identified as the cesspool of the Internet. Most recently, the Anonymous movement came out of 4chan and has made very disruptive changes in the world that have been for the good, including leaks of government documents that otherwise would have been hidden from the public. However, most of the going-on’s on 4chan are a more sour flavored version of the meaningless banter that goes on on Facebook.

I’m unclear if 4chan will miss moot’s departure as administrator from the site or not as some of the user base has vocally been opposed to some of the choices he has made about the site recently (see the Rolling Stone link above). Also, I don’t really if I’ve ever contributed a single post to 4chan, but I have visited the site from time to time to see what’s going on. The Internet has several areas to it and 4chan is that seedy area of your city that you just don’t go to at night. Sometimes it seems like it’s a good idea to go there and know what’s going on. Maybe one of these days I’ll take some time to test the waters with the dark net.