The BBC reports that a school in New York received criticism and then offers an apology because during one week the Pledge of Allegiance was recited in a different language each day and one of those languages was Arabic. Families lodged complaints about this being “disrespectful”. The article states a different language each day, but does not remark on any of the other ones. I doubt that one of the languages was Hebrew and if it was, where is the companion piece about Muslims speaking out about that? It’s not there because those folks don’t have a leg to stand on to get away with racism, which this is what this is.

The school wasn’t switching the Pledge to another language permanently, only using one week to to celebrate diversity in the school district and the world at large through the American Pledge of Allegiance. For anyone who thinks that some how this isn’t racist, imagine if this article replaced “Arabic” with “Japanese” or “German” because the USA was at war with them at one point. Perhaps one would argue that it’s not that it’s a certain language, but because it’s not English- you’ve missed the point of America and patriotism.

In the article Andrew Zink, school’s student leader, is quoted as saying:

“What makes you American is not the language you speak, but the ideas you believe in,”

That fellow got it.