It Follows Came on to my radar from a review by Mark Frauenfelder at Boing Boing. The horror genre is represented poorly on the silver screen. Most movies are campy, terribly directed, or have a plot so full of holes you can drain your spaghetti with it. It Follows does maintain some of the traditions that seem to plague the campy films, such as the terrorized teenager who is being assaulted in her home fleeing upstairs instead of outside. The actual mechanics and rules that the antagonist follows is so opaque to the viewer that it is hard to find holes with it. A mysterious malevolent force that follows a cursed person until they are caught and then kills them. Where it came from or where it began is not explored in the film and is not relevant to the plot.

It does remind me of a couple of my favorite horror films, The Ring and The Thing. The idea of a person who has some sort of curse that endangers all of those around them has an appeal to me. Of course, in The Thing, the cursed person is already gone, while in the other two movies they have a chance of protecting themselves by passing the buck onto someone else.

Shoot locations, literary inclusions, and plot-indirect dialog all contribute to the central theme illustrated best in another story by Captain Hook’s crocodile which symbolizes the inevitability of aging and death. Freudian ideals of libido are crystalized into, the obvious face of the word “libido”, sex. The movie has a depth to it that you can skip over, but is quite present and quite deliberate. I’d very much recommend this movie.

Not directly related to this film, but instead to the viewing of it, the theater that Kerry and I screened the film also had a family with a ten and a twelve year old in attendance. The theme of the film is a murderous spirit kills people who have sex. Don’t let me tell you how to parent, but it’s rated R for a very good reason.