The Electronic Frontier Foundation has published a piece on its Surveillance Self-Defense website specifically for LBGTQ youth. Boing Boing brought me the link to it, and I found myself asking “How does LBGTQ need special tips about security that other people don’t?”

After looking over their stuff, I came to the conclusion- they don’t. The value of this sort of thing is that despite it being 2015 in the US of A, those folks are still in a targeted group, so this being a landing pad for them to get started is a good thing.

However, my point is: you should read this too, regardless if you’re LBGTQ or a youth (I can’t count myself either).

The EFF has a much larger selection of articles and topics that are all good reading that can be find at the homepage of their Surveillance Self-Defense website. I’d recommend making some time to read all of the articles in the “Overview” section, but also if you’re using your smartphone or portable computer on public networks, I’d encourage you to also take a look at their section on VPNs under Briefings. Better still, just read all of the Briefings too. Even if it’s information that doesn’t directly apply to you, it’s thought provoking and gives you a bit more information about the digital world around you.

The EFF also doesn’t resort (too frequently) to hyperbole or scare tactics, which I also appreciate.