Micah White launched the Occupy Wall Street movement. In a recent interview with Esquire he makes this comment:

“The protest tactics that we’ve developed—the repertoire of tactics that we’ve developed—like, marching and these kinds of things, are designed to influence liberal democracy. They were designed to influence people—like, elected representatives—who had to listen to their constituents. But the breakdown of that paradigm happened on February 15, 2003, when the whole world had an anti-war march and President George Bush said, “I don’t listen to focus groups.” He said that, basically, by saying that, he basically said, “It doesn’t matter if you mass a million, billion, six billion people or whatever. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter.”

And he is perfectly correct. I’ve been on many marches in D.C., including most recently an anti-NSA spying march. It doesn’t carry any weight with anyone who can do anything about it.

Using tools like Sunlight Foundation’s OpenCongress is going to be much better at contacting elected officials. Organizing is going to be the best way to put the right elected officials in office.