This past week James Holmes (the Aurora/Batman theater shooter) was found guilty of first degree murder. This is a case that I’ve followed closely, having lived in Highland’s Ranch for a few years, right across the highway from Littleton (town of the Columbine school shooting) to the north, and Aurora a bit further to the north east.

I am happy that the guilty plea came in, and I’m happy that the insanity plea was not accepted. I’m not happy that the State of Colorado took three years to get a guilty verdict, but we can argue about if justice is blind, but no one can argue that she’s slow.

Colorado currently has a moratorium on the death penalty in place, so that will likely save Mr. Holmes from capital punishment. If there is one case in this country that should use it, I’d think it’s this one.

I hope this guilty verdict will give some piece of closure to the families of the people that Holmes murdered and to the people that he injured.