Growing up, I came up inside of a community that seemed to go out of it’s way to decry global warming as a hoax. To this day, I’m unsure as to why. I mean, legit question here: why would anyone disregard the possibility that we’re really messing up this planet and need to take care of it?

This was a religious social group, which furthermore adds to my confusion. If we were tasks by God to have dominion over this world, why wouldn’t we want to do more to take care of it. Every single time I see someone (generally Christian) saying that climate change is not real, I’m genuinely puzzled as to why anyone would take that stance.

Downside to being wrong about climate change being real: we clean up this planet a little bit in the process of getting there.

Downside to being wrong about climate change being a fraud: everyone slowly dies as this planet cooks us and our children.

So, I’ve been happy to hear that my new favorite pope, Pope Francis is rallying the Catholics around the realities of stewardship of our home and now the Muslims are now doing the same. Thank you religious leaders for doing what you can to over turn this baffling ignorance that seems to pollute some Christian communities.