This country now allows same sex marriage. We’ve got a county clerk in Kentucky who cites religious beliefs to refuse to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples. Fortunately, she was told by a federal court to do her job, and when she refused to do so she was jailed. I imagine until she quits or agrees to start issuing the marriage licenses.

My social networks and conservative commentators seem to behave as if she is being prosecuted for being a Christian.

As a Christian, let me be clear- she is not. She is being persecuted for refusing to do her job.

Any political hopeful that chimes in claiming that she is being persecuted for anything other than dereliction of duty will immediately lose my vote.

If the company I work for came out with some sort of device that you could wear on your wrist to buy things with, and I refused to sell this product, service this product, or educate customers on how to use it because I felt that this was the Mark of the Beast, but I would do the rest of my job- I’d be fired.