One Night Ultimate Werewolf is my favorite board game. The second time that I played it, it surpassed The Resistance. Both have similarities and the primary action in the game is calling your friends and family liars. The very first time that I played it, I didn’t really like it. The problem later turned out that the minimum amount of people playing is three. With three players, it can feel a bit too random as to what is happening and the people playing do not get enough information to actually think about who is doing what and who is telling the truth. Four is really the minimum, in my opinion, and things don’t really start getting good until five.

James Orr, writing for Boing Boing, gives a pretty good write up for the game as well. Bezier Games also has a few videos up on YouTube that explain the short gameplay better than I could here, so check it out.

And the good folks at Bezier Games also very successfully conducted a Kickstarter for One Night Ultimate Vampire, which I immediately backed and look forward to playing.

Give it a try.