It’s late October which means that it’s time for some (but not all) of my fellow Christians to take to social media to decry the evils of Halloween and how no good Christian should take part in any sort of Halloween festivities. Save for the strangely re-branded church centric Halloween get-togethers that some churches do. They may also go on to claim that Halloween is the cause of or symptom of all of America’s problems.

I’m in the group of Christians who do not see any problem with this holiday at all. The arguments against it are flimsy.

Argument #1: Halloween has pagan origins.
My rebuttal: Easter is named after a pagan goddess. Start protesting this one too, or you’re a hypocrite.

Argument #2: Dressing up like witches/ghosts/demons will lure our children into the occult.
My rebuttal: If a $18 polyester costume is enough to tip your children out of the faith, it wasn’t much of a faith to start with.

Fortunately, not all Christians are not spending their time as Christians by finding new ways to be afraid of everything. Take your kids trick or treating. Go to your friend’s Halloween party. Don’t let your kids eat too much candy. Don’t get too drunk.

Enjoy yourselves.