Today, China announced that it would be ending it’s well known one-child policy. The Communist Party seemed to be concern that the elderly population had grown too large to be supported by the smaller workforce.

Personally, I liked China’s one child policy and feel that it did not go far enough as it had too many exceptions (the policy applied to less than half of China’s enormous population).

The year I was born, the world’s population was estimated at 4.6 billion people. A little over thirty years later, it is estimated to be just short of 7.3 billion, a 158% increase. I do feel that the globe has more people than it needs by a very wide margin, however I don’t think that we’ve achieved a level that we can call “over population”.

Government encourgement or mandates for smaller family sizes should be happening now, not later when it’s too late for a easy fix. India’s system is pretty nice, where there are substantial tax incentives for families with two or less children. I’d like to see something similar in the United States. Even in the absence of a opinion on population growth or control, people with more children do use more public resources than people who do not.

Even if you disagree with me, I’d encourage you to spend a little bit of time reading the people who are opposed to any sort of curbing of human populations. The Quiverfull people who take God’s encouragement to “be fruitful and multiply” literally and, I suppose, will keep going until we’re stacked up on top of each other. A 2013 piece on End of the American Dream website(which is about how the United States is going to Hell in a made in China handbasket) by Michael Snyder in which he writes about the evils of American public schools teaching children about the nonesense of over population. also has some simple to digest videos that run contrary to my thoughts. They’re all entertaining.