It is my personal opinion that every single website should be using encryption. My personal website (which this is) doesn’t have anything you have to sign in to see, nothing that I have listed that is public, and in all probability, the few people who read this wouldn’t find it to be a wild invasion of privacy to know that a stranger knew which pages on this site you’ve looked at.

However, this isn’t a public forum, and I don’t want anyone to know anything that they’re not entitled to. So, now will only be accepting traffic through https. You won’t notice a different unless you have a unusual or ancient web browsers. If you’re accustom to reading this site on a public wifi, the people who are accustomed to sniffing your traffic will notice a difference, far less information about what business occurs between my server and your computer.

This is something that I have been wanting to do for a long time. The two things that have been holding me back:

  1. Security certificates are expensive and I haven’t had the money for such an endeavor.
  2. Self signed certificates are a iffy endeavor.

Enter Let’s Encrypt.

It’s an organization that provides great security certificates at no cost. The Internet should be as open and as closed as the people who use it want it to be.