I’ve been getting into the Raspberry Pi. I love the little computer and it’s great to work with. My current favorite project is the Retro Pie, although I’ve had fun with a cowrie install. The server that this website runs on gets about a quarter million individual intrusion attempts every six weeks, most of them against secure shell (no surprise, I’m sure). Cowrie let me take a look and see what they were trying to do, one I let them break into the honeypot. What I’ve observed, I’ll leave for another time, but it’s interesting to watch, but tedious to explain.

One of the ideas that I had for the Raspberry Pi was a desktop replacement. I mean when we get down to it, most of the tasks that we use our computers for ten year old computers do well. Email, browsing the web, watching videos, activities like those.

The primary idea being, could this little machine be an entry for low cost computing? People who couldn’t afford a more expensive computer surely could afford this little machine.

I wasn’t the first person to ask this question and I wasn’t the first person to discover the answer.

The Raspberry Pi 3 is terrible for browsing the web. Turns out, over the last ten years the web has become incredibly bloated, CPU and RAM intensive. If there is a more inexpensive entry into the world of computing, I haven’t found it yet.