From Stuart Rodger’s interview with Steve Rolles of British group Transform for VICE, “This UN Summit Could Finally End the War on Drugs”.

We can all agree that prohibition, by and large, has been a disaster. But what’s been the most counter-productive aspect of it?
After fifty years and literally trillions spent on drug enforcement, more people use drugs than ever before, and drugs are cheaper and more available than ever—so it has utterly failed on its own terms. But it has succeeded in fueling a vast, violent illicit trade, creating chaos and misery around the world. The police response has in turn licensed horrific human rights abuses, mass incarceration, and burdened millions with criminal records. It’s made drugs more risky, created obstacles to treatment and harm reductions, and fueled the epidemic of HIV and Hep C among people who inject. It’s been one of the great social policy disasters of the last century. The Alternative World Drug Report we’ve just published tells the whole miserable story in gruesome detail.

Time for a new way of solving humanity’s problems.