I just finished Christina Henry’s Alice.

The book is a remix of Alice in Wonderland. Going into this the only thing I knew was that it had made the Goodreads Choice Awards 2015 Best Horror nomination. Once I opened the book up, the cover strongly implied that this would have some elements of Alice in Wonderland. Christina Henry does a really good job of taking from the original material, but making it hers. Christina Henry’s Alice reads like a damaged Lewis Carroll’s Alice, which I suspect is what she was going for. The characters lifted from Alice in Wonderland also seem fitting and fittingly used. The author has an invented setting that she only gives the reader the information that is pertinent to the story, which does keep the story lean. An author caught up in the novelty of their own world building can really annoy this reader.

I also suspect that Christina Henry (of who I know nothing about other than she wrote this novel and her name suggests she’s female) is American. The book has a good deal of graphic “on screen” violence, but our author’s camera cuts away when it comes to sexual things, particularly sexual violence. And that’s not a complaint, as an American reader with American sensibilities, an American authored story feels right at home. But, yes, there is quite a bit of violence and sex in the story, but I feel this would be rated R, not NC-17.

I’d recommend it for anyone that likes a twisted Alice.