A US appeals courts has ruled that a Virginia school policy that barred a transgender student from using the boys’ toilet is discriminatory reports the BBC.

The state I live in now has legally decided that the bathroom policing of transgendered people is discriminatory. And for that, I’m happy. But, I’d like to go further.

Public bathrooms should be unisex.

Look, if you disagree, I’d put money on it that it’s just because it’s been that way forever. If someone is peeking under the stall, they’re a pervert, and what that person’s gender is doesn’t matter.

When I left Apple, the bathrooms in the stores that I am aware of were single-occupancy, unisex bathrooms. If there were any complaints about that, I didn’t hear one of them.

The years that I’ve got to Dreamation, they’ve made it a point of de-gendering the bathrooms at the hotel, which are not single-occupancy, and it was weird the first time going into a bathroom with a female coming in just behind me. But we made it. Nothing at all happened out of the ordinary. And that’s the point.