My podcast, Tales to Terrify, has been nominated for a Hugo Award. This is a big deal, because it’s a big award. The nomination is an honor, the award even more so.

The podcast hasn’t been big on awards or seeking them out. Not under my watch, nor under Larry’s. So when I found out that we had the nomination and that it was a big deal is when Twitter went a bit nuts.

Then, someone sends me a link to Allum Bokhari’s article on Breitbart: Sci-Fi’s Hugo Awards Swept by Anti-SJW Authors — Again!. And down in the fancast section there is a (R) next to our name. I’m not fully sure of what this means, other than my podcast is now involved in a controversy in the sci-fi/fantasy community.

I remember during last year’s award season hearing the hubbub about the Puppies, but didn’t pay enough attention to understand what this was about. I went looking and found out that these are people who are railing against the liberal leanings of science fiction and fantasy in the Hugo Awards.

The Brietbart article includes tat the Puppies vote based on the author’s personal political beliefs as the primary criteria. Looking through Theodore Beale’s blog after reading over the list of his recommendations for the 2016 awards, I think that there is a handful of things that we agree on (for example, he’s libertarian and I voted for Gary Johnson twice), but we’ve got several handfuls of things that we don’t agree on.

So, my primary question is - how did I, or my editors, wind up on this guy’s radar?