Forbes reports that Nebraska has ended he crooked practice of law enforcement stealing property from people not convicted of any crime. For those that don’t know that this is a thing- it is a thing. Most states allow law enforcement to seize property, firearms, money, etc., from people with the only requirement being the vague “preponderance of evidence”.

Many states, like the Commonwealth of Virginia and my home state of Ohio, if you’re pulled over and the police mistake prescription medication for something illicit, your car can be seized, becoming the property of the state. This happens prior to completion of prosecution. And, after you are cleared of these erroneous charges, you get your car back, right? Not unless you sue the state. And as it seems to go in the cases where lawsuits happen- I’d wish you good luck.

I’ll be writing to my state senate shortly to remind them that this should be illegal. How this hasn’t made it to the Supreme Court as a challenge against unreasonable search and seizure is beyond me.