Credit is due when great customer service happens.

We have a green cup. I’m pretty sure that we got it as a gift. Of all of our cups it’s my favorite for tea. A close second goes to another that has a bigger capacity.

But this green cup has a strange leak. Whenever something hot goes into it, like tea, it leaks water out of the bottom. A different water that isn’t the tea. And if you give it a shake, there is some water inside the cup, like it’s hollow.

Turns out that hollow wall is something that’s pretty popular with well made tea and coffee cups. It helps insulate your hand from the hot water inside. That makes sense. But this cup has a little hole, presumably from how it’s made, that lets water in and out.

The bottom of the cup had the company’s name, Tea Fortē. I go to their website, find the cup, and email them- “Is this cup supposed to leak all over me when I’m putting tea in this? Or am I doing something wrong?”

Turns out- cup is broken. That hole in the bottom is supposed to have a permanent plug and it’s missing. They’re going to send me another one. Didn’t even bother me about a receipt or anything.

Next time I’m in the market for a large, quality tea cup, it’ll be from Tea Fortē.