I’m happy that the Arnolds of Kansas are getting their day in court.

Kevin Rawlinson writing for the BBC: US couple sues IP mapping firm over ‘digital hell’

The short of it is that when you search for an IP address of an computer and the search gives you a location on a map, there is a company that is responsible for that technology. One of the largest of these companies, MaxMind, would put a pin in the middle of a country if they didn’t have anything more specific than that computer was somewhere inside of that country. In this company’s case, that pin would be dropped on the property of James and Theresa Arnold for computers that were somewhere in the United States, but MaxMind couldn’t be more clear than that.

These people have been hassled over something that should have been fixed a long time ago by a parade of characters arriving at their front door, some of which would have been a real safety issue.

The thing that I believe to be the real shame in this story is the litany of law enforcement and government agencies who wasted tax payer funded resources by tracking an IP address to middle of no where Kansas without doing a sanity check that this place has nothing to do with whatever they were working on.