Two items came up in my feeds recently:

I’m a big fan of tabletop gaming. Although I can’t clearly remember the last time that I played actual Dungeons & Dragons, it’s where I got my start like so many others.

The Quiet Year is a wonderful game to start table top games that don’t play with a board. It’s cheap, it plays with only a few players, and the rules are very fluid. In other words, it’s hard to play “wrong”, therefore you don’t need to feel nervous about messing it up. It’s the first game I played and ran (although “hosted” is probably better since the game isn’t really “ran”) at my first Camp Nerdly. I ran it again later at Dreamation 2016. And I’ve played it at home a few times. If you’re curious about role playing games, this is a great place to get started. You don’t have three fifty dollar hard back books full of stuff to have to buy and read (to be fair, you can run a good Dungeons & Dragons game without an encyclopedic knowledge of the Dungeon Master’s Guide, and even less to play in a game).

Or, you can just jump straight to my system of choice, Savage Worlds. Rule book is $10 and you can read the whole thing in an evening if you want.

I cannot encourage sitting around a table with friends playing a game enough. From the Tom Jones article:

“People love to watch Game of Thrones, but I think the drawback of doing something like that is you’re sitting at home by yourself in your pajamas. With Dungeons & Dragons you get the same thing, but you get to do it with other people, which I think may be harder for people these days because everything is so digital.”