Donald Trump’s supporters have gotten a lot of bad press for being racist, some very well deserved and some not. During this wretched election, the conversations about Mexicans and Muslims immigrating into the country has been a inflammatory topic on the Right. Usually it has been shouted down by the Left as a concern born out of some flavor of bigotry.

Regardless if any of that conversation is racist, it is valuable. The question: what does it mean, culturally, to be an American, is one that is important. Don’t worry though, I don’t have any answer to that question, and I won’t even try to put one forward.

This American Life’s episode 600: Will I Know Anyone At This Party?’s first act includes interviews with people in St. Cloud, Minnesota, a place that has a growing population of Somali immigrants. I lived in Columbus, Ohio which has a large population of Somali immigrants. In St. Cloud, the residents discuss the cultural disruption caused by an influx of Somalis.

And here is the one item that I’ve not yet heard put forward in the conversation about what exactly is America’s culture.

If you are concerned that Islam is going to replace Christianity in America, what does that say about the value of Christianity? What does that say about the quality of your religion and your faith?