My podcast, Tales to Terrify (a neighborhood in the District of Wonders) recently had its hosting moved to acast, which allows the podcast to position itself for ad revenue, which will greatly take the burden of finances off of the District’s mayor, Tony C. Smith who who has funded most of the District’s costs out of his own pocket, despite regular donation drives and a Patreon page.

I have to admit, I was apprehensive about having to do any sort of recorded advertisements as part of this. Particularly having to shill for anything that I don’t personally have any experience with. I think that the acast people know that, because our first partner, HelloFresh, sent me a box. And it was terrific. I had actually written up a lengthy piece for reading on air about how good the stuff inside was before I got the talking points from Hello Fresh that I was supposed to have in my advertisement piece. Once they sent that to me, I just had to hit record on the thing, because everything I had to say about it was exactly the stuff that they wanted me to say about it.

It was real nice. I hope that any future advertising partners that we have will be just as good to work with.

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