Cyberscoop (via BoingBoing reports that the NSA is bleeding talent. And that’s good news.

The NSA spies on everyone, it’s not a secret at all. And regardless if it’s legal or not (and it shouldn’t be), it’s immoral. If the NSA can’t be reigned in through legislation, defunding, or even cutting off water to their buildings, this is how the NSA can be crippled. If they have no one to do their spying, then they can’t spy.

In the meantime, if I haven’t linked to it before: is a great place to start. Most of their recommendations can be done by anyone, but some do require a little bit of technical knowhow.

And don’t forget, Facebook and Google are definitely spying on you too. It’s worth six minutes and twenty seconds of your time to watch The Terrifying Cost of “Free” Websites. And while I have my soapbox, I’m happy to see that the video does directly point the finger at the Internet consumer that would rather suffer advertisements than pay for a service that they’re receiving. We are all culpable in that.