Here is a real fun read, China Doesn’t Understand the Concept of American Chinese Food by Jamie Fuller writing for VICE Munchies.

Growing up in south eastern Ohio, Chinese buffets are ubiquitous. And with a group of people at a Chinese buffet, inevitably an enlightened person will remark how this isn’t “real Chinese food”, and everyone would agree, and continue shovelling the cheap food in their face. That includes me, by the way. I really had no clue on how accurate that statement was until I read this article. Here are some highlights:

  • Chinese people don’t know what chop suey is.
  • Chinese people aren’t familiar with cream cheese, ergo are unfamiliar with crab rangoon.
  • Fortune cookies are Japanese, not Chinese.
  • Chinese people don’t know what Chinese take out containers are.
  • When running a Chinese-American restaurant in China, you have to advertise it as “American”.

Globalism and culture bleed has gone full circle. Chinese cuisine comes to America and returns home a few generations later unrecognizable.