Did you see the Budweiser / Folds of Honor video with Adam Driver? No? Watch it, I’ll wait.

It hits right in the heart, it’s a terrific video. Some people roll their eyes and say that Budweiser (a heartless corporation) just does this stuff for a tax write off. Well, maybe, I’m not in their board room, but I get tax documents from every organization that I give money to for a charitable contribution deduction come tax time, so can’t blame Budweiser for that.

Also, others are making this out to be some sort of Blue vs Red / Liberal vs Conservative thing. I disagree with that as well. Maybe because the focus of the guy in the video served in the military as if there is one side or the other that is against America’s troops.

If there is a problem with this video, it’s this - it’s meaningful.

The federal government holds a standing military force, and we’re moved to see that this fellow has medical issues? The problem is that when the film crew gets there, they have something to film. What should happen is this guy saying, “Oh, yeah, the Veterans Affairs hospital have top notch doctors that are taking care of me and I’m able to labor in my life as I see fit,”

Or that his daughter (who I’m presuming is going to a state school), is happy to receive financial assistance for higher education. Why is it not that when Budweiser’s film crew gets there, they smile, and say, “No thanks, we’ve got a government that provides for the families of it’s soldiers, and runs state schools so they’re affordable for all. We’ll take a couple of those beers while you’re here though.”

The House Appropriates Defense Subcommittee is pushing for a six hundred three billion dollars budget for 2018. 0.00001% of that is $60300. That’s medical services for that guy. Or if they were residents of the Great State of Ohio, that’s more than four years of Ohio resident tuition at Ohio State University with room and board.

Look, I’m just saying, why do we allow our federal government to behave in such a way that leaves any room for a veteran to be down on their luck?