The Evolution of Trust - Wonderfully designed browser game that explains game theory and trust concepts. Pleasant music too. [via BoingBoing]

Koch Brothers Orchestrate Grassroots Effort To Lower Corporate Taxes, Documents Show - Liberals hate the Koch brothers. It’s pretty much a fact. As a left-leaning person, I’m critical of them as well, but I’ll go on to say that I’m critical of anyone who’s shoveling money into the government processes. The democratic process is adulterated by inclusion of money through campaign funding, lobbyists, and special interests legislation. Recently, I heard the two episodes of Freakonomics in which Charles Koch is interviewed. During that time, he said quite a few things that made me think, “You know, there are some things here that I disagree with and some things that I don’t. He seems to believe in what he’s saying and there are some things that I can get on board with,” and that included his insistence that the Koch brothers lobby against federal tax concessions for special interests, including ones that their own companies benefit from. If true, great, but this internal memo reported on by The Intercept suggests otherwise.

Escaping Prison with Dungeons & Dragons: Waypoint Specials - I love seeing any story that explores the positive qualities that show up at the table. One of the guys that I know in ODRC’s custody plays Magic: The Gathering, which is probably an easier way to pass the time, since it has hard coded rules. A win or a loss is obvious. With a roleplaying game, there is a story where things might not be so clear cut. I do wonder about the tensions that might come up at the table for people in prison.[via BoingBoing]

Announcing Ghost 1.0 - I’m happy to see that the Ghost platform has reached 1.0. I’ve been following them since their Kickstarter and I’m happy to see that they’ve really hit things off. I had briefly used Ghost for this site after migrating from WordPress. WordPress had become an incredibly large platform for CMS instead of the publishing platform that it had once been. Also, I had come to hate comments and Ghost doesn’t have them built in. If you’re curious, I use Jekyll now, since it serves up static pages, which is a bit more light weight and portable than Ghost, which I believe uses a SQL backend. Had Ghost been what it is now when I switched from Ghost to Jekyll, I may not have ever made the switch. If you’re planning on starting some sort of blog, I’d encourage a non-tech savvy person to take a look at Ghost over Jekyll.

Optimistic Nihilism, from Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell - Kurzgesagt makes terrific videos. They’re all interesting, they’re all beautiful, they’re all thought provoking. For a theist, like myself, nihilism seems like the default that people simply must fall into if they don’t believe in a greater power. Now, that’s a wild generalization, but it’s really what, I’m going to guess, most Christian people believe - if you don’t believe in God, than absolutely none of this has any meaning what so ever. And if that’s a fact, than by extension, why does any of this matter at all? Why bother drawing your next breath? This video helped round off some of the edges of my abject failure to understand people who don’t believe in the divine. [via BoingBoing]