VICE, a publication that probably doesn’t have any sort of Christian interests, has a terrific write up:

[The Fundamentalists Holding Us Back from a Climate Change Solution] by [Allie Conti]

I read it and I loved (sort of) it. It answers a question I’ve been now asking for years - how can I hear a church preach about stewardship (taking care of what God has given you) and then hear it talk about how climate change is some sort of non-reality?

I’ve written before about in one particular church that my family went to, followed by a couple years in a private Christian school, I’d regularly hear authority figures sneer at the idea of global warming. I remember clearly a teacher asking if any of us had ever had their skinned burnt by this “so called acid rain” or talk about how the Earth went through natural cycles of warming or cooling. As a quick side bar, this also came from the same person who would talk about the entirety of existence being roughly twenty thousand years old.

I’d encourage you to check it out. If the partnership between evangelicals and the Republican party ever served as a means to an end, it’s now only meaning the end of evangelical relevance.