Vox’s video: We need to change how we bury the dead is worth watching. Also, you’ve read me rail on about environmental concerns, but as a bit of an aside - turning human corpses into bags of toxic chemicals and then burying them is probably not on my top ten lists of things that are wrecking the environment. It’s somewhere on the list, but not that high.

It does remind me of Jessica Mitford’s The American Way of Death, which I read a few years ago. Specifically the “revisited” edition updated by the author.

I’m not fully sure of what the wishes for my body after death was prior to reading that book, but it’s currently:

  1. Harvest all usable organs
  2. Burn the rest

After watching the Vox video, the “wrap in sheet, drop in ground” option sounds pretty good too. Any way about it, the funerary trade in this country is filled with people who predate on the bereaved and it’s worth you looking into.

Furthermore, write a will. It’s been on my todo list too long.