If you haven’t seen the video of the Black Lives Matters activists getting invited onto the stage of a pro-Trump rally: watch it.

I’ll spoil it for you, if you skipped this video: it turns out much better than you’d expect.

I think that whoever pulls the puppeteer strings of the media make sure that we’re not seeing each other. Hank Newsome gets his face in front of Trump voters and the response is overall positive.

Here’s the deal, if you heard Trump promise to fight corruption ( “drain the swamp” ), then you’re for justice.

Black Lives Matter’s core desire is to have unarmed black people get murdered at the same rate as unarmed white people. And then furthermore, and I don’t feel like this is a big ask, is get justice for that crime.

I am confident in writing that I think that the overwhelming majority of Americans want very similar things, however the media won’t have you thinking that.

An article from three years ago from Business Insider’s Politics section: Here’s How Liberal Or Conservative Major News Sources Really Are, is a great place to check to see the bias of your news source. If you’re getting all of your information from those at the extremes of the line graph, there might be a problem - they’re propaganda machines.

Oh, and one last thing: Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, John Oliver, and Stephen Colbert’s shows are not news. They’re people who have things to say about the news. They and their teams might be a bit better read than yourself, but their opinion is just that.