Interesting article about people on the left who are against gun control laws from VICE.

It does remind me of a conversation that I had with a former co worker who is a absolute gun nut that called BS on me telling him that I owned a firearm for home defense as, statistically, I’m more likely to have that same firearm used on me by a home intruder than on the home intruder. That caught me off guard as a person who owns more guns than I have fingers, is saying my gun owning logic is flawed.

In the VICE article is this quote:

Ruganzu Howard, a 37-year-old ex-cop from Seattle, explained it in even simpler terms: “Many people have opinions on guns and absurd notions of ‘common sense’ gun laws. There is a reason this shit ain’t been figured out/resolved. It’s not the evil GOP, or NRA, it’s because Americans want fucking guns.”

If you’d rather hear the same thing in a longer format from an Australian comedian - Jim Jefferies has what you want.