I am for the ending of America’s hypocritical prohibition on recreational cannabis. One of the other things I’m for ending is fraudulent claims that marijuana is good for every ailment a human being can suffer from. Don’t get me wrong, I truly do believe that there are medical reasons for consumption of cannabis, but I also do believe that people just want to get messed up a bit and are willing to claim that blazing up a joint is somehow a benefit more so than it actually is.

Briteside Cannabis Delivery just put out a hilarious video that’s shot like one of those vague pharmaceutical commercials that prey on American hypochondriacs. (via Mashable and Boing Boing)

And, for further reading, check out this link on the Smithsonian’s site the has pictures of doctors’ slips issued by the government that would allow them to prescribe alcohol to people during Prohibition. The folks back then ran the same scam, selling alcohol as a panacea.