From Vox, A GOP Virginia lawmaker on why he sees a resistance wave coming in 2018. This is an interview by Tara Golshan with Tom Garrett, my Republican representative. The primary topic was the DNC’s success in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Here are some Tom Garrett quotes I really liked in the interview:

We will lose elections as long as we are concerned with who is in the bedroom with whom — so long as there is not a child involved, it’s not in the purview of the government. We will lose elections as long as we oppose whether a doctor should be able to counsel their patient on whether marijuana might be a viable option for their digestive intolerance to chemotherapy or chronic pain management or epileptic seizures. We need to empower individuals, as the ultimate minority is the individual.

Very correct statement.

I should be able to sit at the table amicably and dine with someone who is diametrically opposed to me on issues like health care and the federal government therein. But that world is dying because people are killing it in the name of winning elections — and it’s scary.

At 35, I remember when political opponents seemed to work together to find compromise that benefited their constituents, so I certainly agree with this, and I hope Tom Garrett works to make that a reality again.

I’m disappointed in the president and in the Flake, Murkowski, McCain, Corker factions, and here’s why: We were all elected to serve the American people. I am convinced with every fiber of my being that there are “no” votes on bills because of an animus toward the person in the White House. I have no doubt people vote “no” because they don’t want to see the guy in the White House accomplish things, because of who he is. That’s pathetic. It’s an abdication of your responsibility. If a person I do not like has an idea that I believe is good, I will support the idea. And to air the dirty laundry and to have the Twitter back-and-forth is beneath the dignity of every office that has been aforementioned.

Amen to that.

Although, I’m praising some sentiments in this interview, there is a healthy amount in there that I disagree with too. There are swaths where Garrett credits the Democratic party’s win because the DNC sets out to divide people and that’s what gets votes. Golshan attempts to point out that this is a pot calling the kettle black situation, but Garrett waves it off. He also blames the Democrats for the lack of non-male non-white members of the Republican party.

The point of this post is that the things I highlighted is what I want out of any elected official in this country regardless of party.

  • Respect for personal liberty and choices that do not extend beyond the individual.
  • Dignified behavior towards political opponents.
  • A baseline decorum in our elected officials.