One of the things that I really do enjoy about working with Apple software is the Apple design. User interface stuff and basic utility of things are typically presented in a way that suggests intent and simplicity were primary factors in the design. If and when I jump ship into the world of Linux, which absolutely lags behind in UI/UX, I’ll miss these things.

As a student of Patrick Rhone’s ideals of using the software that comes with your computer instead of buying additional software that does the same thing (something I used to be guilty of), I try to use the software that ships with the Mac and the iPhone.

As a podcaster, I feel I have some space to be critical of the company who runs the de facto podcast directory of the Internet on iTunes. The Apple made iOS Podcast app is currently the worst piece of software that is … can I use the word “maintained”? because it doesn’t seem that way.

In a new golden age of podcasting ushered in by big name programs like Serial that was so mainstream that Saturday Night Live did a skit, I’m absolutely puzzled as to how Apple’s design team allowed Podcasts to slip into the hated quality that it is. I truly cannot imagine that everyone in Cupertino is satisfied with that program.

I’ve been using Overcast and it feels like the podcasting app that Apple should have made and included with iOS. If you’re using the Apple podcasts app and you listen to more than one or two podcasts, I’d encourage you to dump it for Overcast. I really hope that Apple puts some time and effort into updating that podcasting application.