Months ago I switched from AT&T to Mint Mobile. I wrote about the choice and said that I was off to a good start. This post about my experience with Mint actually got me a bit of email from strangers who were also considering going to Mint. The pricing is nearly too good to be true. But it is. However. There were some draw backs and this week I was drafting up a post about some of those and whether or not they were worth it.

The drawbacks:

  • Call quality is decent at strong signal, but at one or two bars becomes unusable for voice. AT&T seemed like it was better at low quality than Mint.
  • Voicemail. People thankfully rarely try to leave me voicemail, but Mint doesn’t offer visual voicemail and my phone would only intermittently alert me when someone had left me a voice mail, which meant sometimes it didn’t and I would hear that message for days.

Good thing I didn’t post that this weekend though. Today I received a text message saying my account was under maintainance, and then I received another saying that I now had access to more features for my iPhone.

Mint added:

  • Visual voicemail, so now I live in the future again.
  • Wifi calling and VoLTE, meaning when I’m home it’s great and when signal strength is so-so the quality is noticably better.

To sum things up, if you’ve got an iPhone and you’re with one of the big carriers - you’re getting ripped off. At this point there is no good reason, that I’m aware of, that should be keeping you from considering Mint Mobile, or another MVNO. I’m paying somewhere between a third and a quarter of what I was with AT&T. Save yourself some money.