Cindy Mallette’s piece for Vox titled “2018 was the year I changed my mind, In a year of hyperpartisanship, I did the unthinkable — I changed my mind about politics.” rang particularly true for me, as her story and mine aren’t that different. I grew up in a white, conservative Christian community that put Republican goals ahead of Christian goals, and usually conflated the two as well. From the article:

Like many Christians, I looked to the Bible for moral guidance. But I wasn’t relying on my own reading of the Scriptures. I was relying on the interpretations of pastors and evangelical leaders like James Dobson, whose readings happened to line up nicely with the Republican Party platform. This is not a coincidence; these same individuals have been politically active in the GOP for decades, going back to the 1970s, and their understanding of scripture informs the Republican Party platform.
My experience with the Bible was on par with the majority of American evangelicals: We have this perception that we know a lot about the Bible, but we hardly read it.

I whole heartedly agree with her observations about the hypocrisy that runs through that, unfortunately, very visible, uniquely American segment of Christianity.