Jamie Lee Curtis Taete writing for VICE: Hong Kong’s Creationist Theme Park Is Somehow Worse Than It Sounds.

This article reminded me of the Creation Museum in Kentucky that I visited some years ago. The article remarks on how the Kentucky theme park cost ~$100,000,000 to build, but didn’t mention Noah’s Ark Hong Kong’s construction costs. The Wikipedia page for the park didn’t give me more information about the cost of the park, but it did inform me that the construction of the park may have necessitated bribing a corrupt public official, which resulted in the founder of the park being sentenced to prison time and fined. Looks like the theocratic rich in Hong Kong behave just like the ones in the United States.

I presume that the Hong Kong park is in the same ballpark as the cost of the park in Kentucky. I’ve read the New Testament many times, and I cannot recall a time that Jesus asked his followers to use their resources to trade science for myth as fact instead of feeding the hungry, taking in the foreigner, clothing the naked, healing the sick, or visiting those in prison.

Near the end of Taete’s write up:

It was time for the film. A montage of the ongoing death of our planet played across multiple screens. There were shots of 9/11, famine, war, and factory smokestacks. An animated anthropomorphic Earth was shown looking at the footage and crying. Onscreen text talked about the “countless lives” that have been destroyed by gunfire.
The film ended with cartoon Earth meeting Noah, and Noah asking cartoon Earth whether it thought the story of his ark could serve as a lesson for humanity. The only way I could think to interpret this is that Noah was saying that, because of all the messed-up things the human race is doing, the world would be a better place if humanity were, once again, almost totally wiped out.

If Evangelicals, apparently in the West or the East, miss one obvious Old Testament lesson is the one of Noah’s. The waters are coming. God promised not to flood the earth again in that story, but he didn’t say he would stop us from doing it ourselves. Hypocritical Christians who abdicate their self-accepted responsibility for stewardship of the planet should renounce their faith and move on to other things, instead of ruining the title of “Christian” for those who accept the brave responsibilities of decrying injustices inflicted by the rich on the poor.