Bennett Cyphers of the Electronic Frontier Foundation writes about what steps the FTC could impose on Facebook to improve it after collecting the $3-5 billion fine that it will impose on the corporation profiting from the stripping of privacy and the destruction of democracy. (Note: Cyphers points out that the fine equates to about 3 months of profit, not revenue, for the company) Cyphers’ list has only three items:

  1. Stop Third-Party Tracking
  2. Don’t Merge WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook Data
  3. Stop Data Broker-Powered Ad Targeting

I’ll tell you why this will never happen: items 1 and 3 are cornerstones of Facebook’s business model. If those things are curtailed, Facebook will crumble and Facebook is far too rich for me to think that they don’t own enough bureaucrats for these changes to be made. Republican senator Josh Hawley speculates that social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook have done far more bad than good. I am in complete agreement with him.

There is a lot of room on the list of defunct social media networks.

If you prefer the benefits of social networks without having to rely on the services of an enormous corporate entity that only cares about you as long as you profit it, check out Tom Merritt’s list of Top 5 decentralized networks. I have a Mastodon account, but I admit I don’t use it much.