The most dangerous company for American democracy is fined five billion dollars and its investors are happy about it.

From the appropriately named Peter Kafka writing for Vox’s recode: The US government is fining Facebook $5 billion for privacy violations, and Wall Street thinks that’s great news

But the biggest cause for optimism — from Wall Street’s perspective — is that the federal government doesn’t appear to be moving toward any kind of regulation that would meaningfully change the way Facebook runs its business, which depends on turning detailed information about its users into targeted advertising.

The US Census Bureau reported that the average personal income in the USA in 2015 was roughly $31,000, which means that an average American would need to work for 161,290 years to pay that bill. For Facebook? It wasn’t even a single quarter of profit that was lost.

Facebook tracks everything you do online, even if you’re not a Facebook user. Facebook is a poison on the world and should be destroyed. Need to have the benefits of a social network to keep in contact with friends, family, and co-workers? It can be done without Facebook or Twitter. Try Mastodon. Or roll your own: Darius Kazemi’s guide “Run your own social” [via boingboing] shows the whole process. Liberating yourself requires responsibility.

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