This week I had an opportunity to see an advanced screening of The Farewell, naturally at the Alamo Drafthouse in Winchester, Virginia. It was terrific. It’s a movie that is set nearly entirely in China and most of the dialog is Chinese and it explores Chinese culture and customs. The premise of the movie is that when an elderly family member is diagnosed with something terminal, the family won’t tell them they’re dying until the final days. Because of this there are many scenes in the movie where the family is telling their dying grandmother goodbye in a coded way, while she remains, presumably, oblivious to the exact nature of her condition. It gets heart wrenching.

Nicole Clark’s review for VICE Entertainment is better than what I could write, so check it out: ‘The Farewell’ Makes the Asian American Immigrant Experience Feel Universal

As a PS, this is the second movie distributed by A24, the other being Midsommar. I’d also give that one a big thumbs up. It’s the only horror movie that I can remember seeing that is set outdoors in the daylight. Also, I barely realized that the thing is two and a half hours long. As a bonus for my screening, there was a woman who was, I’m pretty sure, crying after one of the first one screen deaths.