During this COVID-19 pandemic, many people are moving to virtualized meetings, including where I work. Unfortunately, people are using Zoom, which has a bit of a history of security issues. Thankfully, there are many security researchers putting it under the microscope now. Here’s three articles that will hopefully scare you off of using Zoom:

Jason Koebler writing for Vice: Zoom Has Security Flaws. It’s Still Fine to Use. I only agree with this in the sense that, yes, you can turn a flat head screw with a butter knife, but how about just getting a flat head screw driver?

Not to leave you out in the cold, there are loads of alternatives that are just as easy to use. Michael Potuck writing for 9to5Mac has a list of 10 Zoom alternatives for more secure, cross-platform video calls. jitsi, being open source, has my vote, but my organization is leaning towards Microsoft Teams and Google Meet, both of which seem like they do a good job.