Ally Shwed has a piece in Vox: Why school lunches feel like they’re frozen in time. It’s a trip down school lunch history memory lane in the United States.

It does omit an interesting chapter, which is that the Black Panther Party may have accelerated the federal government’s school nutrition plans, which it did by providing breakfast to thousands of children. Recall, the Black Panther Party’s inciting cause was to eliminate police violence against Black communities (which Black Lives Matters continues to do now), but from the article How the Black Panthers’ Breakfast Program Both Inspired and Threatened the Government:

The results were swift and devastating. FBI agents went door-to-door in cities like Richmond, Virginia, telling parents that BPP members would teach their children racism.

Which is the same thing we’re being told that if America’s children learn about the oppressive racial forces in this country’s history and the ones operating today, they’ll somehow become racist in the process.

That wheel keeps on turning.