From Elizabeth Chamberlain for iFixit: Breaking: Minnesota’s New Right to Repair Law Will Give the Whole World Repair Manuals.

“The repair revolution arrived in Minnesota today!” said Kyle Wiens, iFixit CEO. “Now independent repair shops can compete, and everyone who wants can fix things themselves. With online documentation, people everywhere in the world—not just in Minnesota—will benefit from this. Manufacturers, get ready. Everyone else, get fixing.”

Having documentation on how to repair your own electronics, or those of others, is so much achievable with first party manuals available. This is a big deal.

I’ve recently acquired a Framework laptop, which is designed to be as repairable as possible. Having the ability to repair your own property reduces waste and gives a greater sense of agency over your own belongings. One day - I’ll decide that Android will have caught up with the ease of use as Apple’s iOS and I’ll get myself Fairphone for the same reasons.