As a long time critic of the criminal Sackler family, some bad news on that front - they’re now shielded by law from the incalculable harm that they’ve done to Americans and the overall public opinion of the medical field in general.

Antoinette Radford for the BBC: Sackler family wins immunity from opioid lawsuits

On Tuesday, an appeals court ruled that its owners, the Sackler family, would receive full immunity from civil suits.
In exchange, they will pay $6bn to help address opioid addiction.
A 2021 investigation by the US House Oversight Committee indicated that members of the family, “who have owned a controlling share of Purdue Pharma since 1952, are collectively worth a total of $11bn”.

This alone should be enough to convince anyone that the United States of America has a tiered justice system - one for the rich, and the one for the rest of us.

The Sackler family are responsible for thousands of Americans that have died as a result of their marketing lies to doctors that their opioids were less harmful and not habit forming than what was on the market before.